Dolor Abdominal Recurrente

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Recurrent abdominal pain (RAP) is a frequent and troublesome complaint in childhood and adolescence, and the search for a cause and a credible approach to management can be taxing for both family and physician. The term “recurrent abdominal pain” was coined by the British pediatrician John Apley, who first published on the subject in 1958. His definition included at least three attacks of pain occurring over a period of 3  months that were severe enough to affect activities and for which no organic cause was identified. In practice, the definition may include any child or adolescent who has RAP for which the family seeks medical attention and explanation, even if the duration of the pain does not adhere strictly to the Apley definition. The definition explicitly excludes the many causes of acute abdominal pain, which lie outside the scope of this review.

Recurrent Abdominal Pain Paul N. Thiessen, MD Pediatrics in Review Vol.23 No.2 February 2002


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